At SciPlay, we value our team and stick to our values. Here’s what it means to choose the SciPlay way:

We mean it

Finding meaning in your work makes all the difference. When you work at SciPlay, you know for a fact that you have a meaningful role and that your opinion, experience and words are taken seriously.

Make it personal

Great teams are made of happy individuals. Working at SciPlay will advance on your personal growth and development, learning new things every single day and taking initiative and pride in your work.

Celebrate our differences

Diversity is the key to a better future, and we put this statement to work by welcoming everyone and enjoying the different perspectives and experiences people have to share.

It's all about people

Being surrounded by friendly, talented people is what makes SciPlay a great place of work. Our company culture makes sure that across the globe, the SciPlay team knows and cares about each other’s success.

Enjoy your benefits

We have lots of reasons to celebrate!
Happy-hours, crazy perks and company
events allow us to break our
routine and celebrate our success.

We all win together

We make sure that as the company flourishes, SciPlay employees enjoy the benefits in every way possible. It’s a win-win situation.



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33 Jobs Found
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  • The Data Scientist will use advanced analytical and programming tools, data mining methods and business logic to create and maintain various Machine Learning, Deep Learning and AI models, based on immense amounts of records, in order to support and improve decision making, as part of the company's data-driven approach. The Data Scientist will be responsible for establishing the team and the entire company's Data Science strategy.

  •  We are looking for a highly-qualified candidate to help take an already established, rapidly growing engineering organization to the next level. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record in managing increasingly large teams of software engineers, preferably in the social gaming industry. This candidate needs to be passionate about developing an engineering culture and maximizing the teams’ potential.

  • Our PM Intern will assist in the management of the life-cycle of in-game mechanics and features by projecting revenue impact through data and statistical methods, communicating KPI trends to stakeholders, conducting A/B tests to isolate the impact of individual features, and evaluate the results of these tests. Work with other Product Managers and Analysts to assist in providing a complete analysis of each element of an individual product to drive revenue and meet the product goals.

  • We are seeking a Studio Director for our Austin Studio that is cross-functional (including but not limited to Production, Product, Marketing, Finance and Analytics, and People Operations). We need both an inspiring leader and cool and collected fire fighter who can help us navigate the occasionally turbulent waters of Mobile Game Development and both lead and keep our current two titles, Goldfish Slots and Monopoly Slots, in smooth and calm waters.

  • Leads a group of Analytics Engineers responsible for performing data analysis for fast-paced social and mobile applications including requirements gathering, code instrumentation, creating and analyzing reports, and providing insights to optimize high volume across all desktop (canvas) applications.

  • A person that will own the communication with the players across all our Social Media channels. Someone who can whip up funny, direct, engaging texts in no time. Native English Speaking is a MUST! This includes idea generation, proposal preparation and execution. Ideas with a focus on activities that build loyal users. The position manages procedures but not people.

  • This position is responsible for developing and executing tests on new and existing products to ensure that they meet the requisite functional, technical, and regulatory compliance and maintain high overall product quality. Responsible for having an understanding of the software test methodologies and procedures in order to ensure testing efficiency and high level of quality. 

  • Provide leadership and mentorship to a group of Software Engineers responsible for the creation and maintenance of client side and server side code for web-based games. This role requires a forward thinking, critical problem solver who can communicate across the organization.

  • This individual will specify, design and develop critical high-performance and scalable platform frameworks and components. Strong analytical skills are required and the candidate must be proficient in infrastructure analysis and design concepts and implementations. The candidate performs systems modeling, simulation, and analysis.

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