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Here at SciPlay, we always want our players to have a fun, rewarding and entertaining experience playing our games. We make some of the most entertaining content in the industry and millions of players play our content around the world in a healthy way. While many of our games offer a social-casino style experience, none of our games offer the ability to win real money or prizes. All of the coins, chips and cards used in our games have no real monetary value. They are suitable only for use in our games, and cannot be exchanged for real money or transferred or exchanged between games, players or other accounts in the real world.

SciPlay encourages all players to engage in responsible gameplay. Gameplay is responsible when players:
  • have a fun and entertaining experience.
  • can control the amount of time they spend playing the game, their spending, and any purchases made in the games.
  • strike an appropriate balance between playing games and other activities of life, including personal and family responsibilities and other leisure activities.
While most people have a fun, rewarding and relaxing experience playing video games, other players struggle with controlling their game play or purchases made during game play. These players may be at risk of developing a video game behavior disorder. If you believe that you or a family member displays any of the following behaviors, you or your family member may have, or may be at risk of developing, a video game behavior disorder:
  • You have difficulty controlling the time spent playing video games.
  • You have difficulty properly prioritizing playing video games with other activities.
  • You demonstrate an interest in video games that detrimentally interferes with other life activities, responsibilities or obligations.
  • You escalate game play or spending on video games despite increasing negative consequences caused by such action.

It is important to note that for a video game behavior disorder to be diagnosed, the behavior pattern must be of sufficient severity while resulting in significant impairment of personal, family, social, educational, occupational, or other important areas of functioning, and should normally have been evidenced for at least 12 months.

If any of the above behaviors apply to you, you may want to consider performing some research on the issue, and, if necessary, seeking help from a qualified medical professional.

The sites below offer some information about responsible play. Please note that these links are provided for your convenience. SciPlay does not endorse or recommend any specific source of information on this issue and does not provide any content or information available on these websites: a resource that provides guidance, tips and expert advice for everyone to have a positive mobile games experience. - an organization that provides mental health resources for gamers and the gaming community

If you believe you need a break, SciPlay offers a Self-Exclusion Policy where you can pause your play for a period of time selected by you. Please follow this link to our Self-Exclusion Policy

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