At SciPlay, we value our team and stick to our values. Here’s what it means to choose the SciPlay way:

We mean it

Finding meaning in your work makes all the difference. When you work at SciPlay, you know for a fact that you have a meaningful role and that your opinion, experience and words are taken seriously.

Make it personal

Great teams are made of happy individuals. Working at SciPlay will advance on your personal growth and development, learning new things every single day and taking initiative and pride in your work.

Celebrate our differences

Diversity is the key to a better future, and we put this statement to work by welcoming everyone and enjoying the different perspectives and experiences people have to share.

It's all about people

Being surrounded by friendly, talented people is what makes SciPlay a great place of work. Our company culture makes sure that across the globe, the SciPlay team knows and cares about each other’s success.

Enjoy your benefits

We have lots of reasons to celebrate!
Happy-hours, crazy perks and company
events allow us to break our
routine and celebrate our success.

We all win together

We make sure that as the company flourishes, SciPlay employees enjoy the benefits in every way possible. It’s a win-win situation.


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  • The Production Assistant acts as a ‘jack of all trades’ for the Slot Dev Department. The role is to assist in multiple areas as needed to help the department function efficiently.

  • Responsible for the overall product/project management, development schedules and resource allocation for new game development.  The role of an executive producer is to work with the team to reach its goals by ensuring development runs smoothly, assisting in communication between the departments and the team, and helping the team stay on task with ongoing projects. Wholly responsible for project schedules and the timely delivery of a high quality product.

  • The Senior Producer (Tech) functions as the Product Owner/Project Manager for 1-2 Scrum Teams. The focus of this role is to work with the teams to reach their goals by ensuring development runs smoothly, assisting in communication between the disciplines/departments, and helping the team stay in the loop on the schedule and product standards. This role is also expected to gather and refine product and feature requests from a variety of stakeholders across the business.

  • Producers work with the entire team to optimize the production development process, solve problems, remove obstacles for the team, and facilitate communication.  Candidates should possess excellent skills in project management, communication, organization, and time-management.  Above all, candidates will be results-driven, while also remembering that - we make games!

  • The Director of Product is in charge of defining games vision and strategy. They will direct and work with the Product Leads in managing the game in a live environment and on creating the mechanics and features that will improve the game’s performance according to the defined strategy. 

  • The analyst will use analytical tools, data mining and business logic to consult the product team on a various day to day and strategically game related aspects Monitor the company/ products KPIs and ensure ongoing feedback to decision makers. Define Reports and Dashboards for various business.

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